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Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Featuring Perú

Wow! The Smithsonian Folklife Festival, which featured the people, culture, food, art, craft, and music of Perú, was an inspiring experience! If the five hours I spent sampling the wonders of this amazing country was a taste of Perú, I cannot wait to enjoy the full buffet when I visit the actual country. I think the diversity of the beautiful Peruvian people, both indigenous and of Spanish decent, really captures the essence of this extraordinary country.

Quechua women braiding natural fibers to create rope for a Q-eswachaka Bridge

Quechua man performing the Scissors Dance

Ceramic artist from Ayacucho demonstrating his craft

Celia Coleto (right) and her sister, of the Huascaran Restaurant, make pachamanca

Ana María Ccahuin and Sandra Gálvez, farmers and artisans from the Huamanguilla region, demonstrate the preparation of fried cuy (guinea pig)

The Catacora sisters from Tradiciones Carumeñas demonstrate the preparation of chupe de chochoca, a thick cornmeal soup made with mutton and both fresh and dehydrated potatoes

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