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Beautiful Bamberg

Bamberg is a quintessential medieval German town with very old and, for the most part, original timber framed buildings, rough cobblestone pedestrian streets and narrow, winding alleys. Cyclists clearly have the right-of-way, as I was almost run over by a trio of cyclists on one of the pedestrian streets. I actually stopped and allowed them to swerve around me because I was afraid that if I swerved to avoid them, one of them would have surely hit me.

I decided to get a little "artsy fartsy" with some of my photographs, so I took several shots of Bamberg as reflections in windows.

Bamberg is an University town, and I couldn't resist taking this shot of a university student reading a book on a bridge over the River Regnitz in Klein Venedig, which translates to Little Venice.

Finally, I wanted to share this wonderful story about an experience I had in the Bamberg Cathedral. During our tour inside the cathedral, there was a group of young students drawing the famous Bamberg Horseman statue. I walked over to watch them drawing, and one boy said to me, "No speaken English," to which I replied, "Ich no sprechen Deutsch." They smiled and a few of them allowed me to take pictures of their masterpieces. I was able to speak with an adult in the group, and it turned out that it was an art class! I wanted to stay longer, to meet the art teacher, but our group had already moved on, and I didn't want to get lost again. I love the fact that the one boy in the last photo appears to be drawing a car or truck instead of the horseman statue! Kids are kids not matter where they live!

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