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Here are highlights from the from the first two days of my time in Beijing:

  • Great Wall (I climbed all the way to the top of the section we visited!)

  • Cloisonné factory and showroom

  • Olympic Park

  • Acrobat show

  • Man Fu Lou Restaurant for famous Beijing hotpot

  • Summer Palace

  • Tea House (We had 6 different types of tea)

I have many stories and pictures to share when I get the chance. Suffice it to say I am really enjoying the cultural experience. Of course, the food is amazing!

Quick story. This morning after eating breakfast in the hotel, I decided to take a walk down the street. I saw many locals stopping at street food vendors, so I decided I had to try a traditional "on-the-go" Chinese breakfast. I observed the locals and decided to get what they were buying. I had ji dan bing (egg pancake), bao zi (vegetable-filled bun), and soybean milk (made fresh in a blender right in front of me). All of this for 8 yuon or $1.29!!

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