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China Trip – New Culinary Experience – Beijing Hot Pot

Socializing around a simmering pot of healthy deliciousness

For dinner on the evening of our Wall visit, we went to Man Fu Lou Restaurant, famous for its Beijing Hot Pot.

Each diner received a small copper pot of simmering soup base, heated by a small oil burner under the pot. Then, the table was adorned with many varieties of thinly sliced raw meats and vegetables, including mutton, beef, squid, tofu skin, mushrooms, lotus, cabbage, potato and noodles. In order to enjoy the food, I used my chopsticks to place individual slices of meat or vegetables into the simmering broth, allowed them to cook for a short period of time, and pulled them out of the stock with the chopsticks. Then, we each had a small bowl of dipping sauce, which included sesame paste (not to be confused with tahini), green onions, cilantro and pepper.

It was definitely a unique experience, sometimes referred to as “Chinese fondue,” but it was also quite delicious!

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