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Adventures in China - Day 1 - Departure

Hurry up and wait . . .

So . . . We had a 6:40 AM departure time from Baltimore Washington International Airport, and we were asked to meet our shuttle in Ashburn, VA at 3:15 AM. We decided that we would leave for the shuttle at 2:45 AM. Last night, I set the alarm on my phone for 2:00. I should mention that I do not usually use my phone as an alarm. Miraculously, I opened my eyes at 2:18 AM only to realize that I had set the alarm for 2:00 PM! I guess the adrenaline kicked in because I showered, shaved, brushed my teeth and dressed by 2:41 AM. For me, that is some kind of record. And the adventure begins . . .

. . . The adventure continued when we landed in Chicago for our brief layover before continuing on to Beijing. As we arrived at our departure gate, we were informed that there were aircraft discrepancies and that we would be delayed 11 hours! I know this will sound odd, but I enjoy every aspect of travel. The long layover did not bother me in the least. We were given three food vouchers, so my travel companions and I made the most of our time by walking the concourse several times, relaxing at the gate and getting to know each other better, and enjoying breakfast, lunch and a snack before boarding our flight to Beijing.

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