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China Trip – The Great Wall – JuYong Pass

A great experience!

The Great Wall . . . What can I say? It was . . . uh . . . Great!! Two of my fellow travelers and I were the intrepid trio who climbed all the way to the top of the section of the wall we visited. It was actually a brutal climb, at times. Some steps were easily twelve inches tall and only four inches wide, while others were only a few inches tall and over a foot wide, making it impossible to get into a regular cadence for the climb. On the bright side, this irregularity allowed me to slowly climb the Wall and savor the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Of course, it also allowed me to take a lot of photos.

The people along the way also made the climb an enjoyable journey. There were a ton of Aussies on holiday, and I was able to interact with several of them. They were friendly and easy to engage in conversation.

Love Locks


Ethereal Beauty

View from the top!

The views and vistas during our ascent were breathtaking! I am so glad I persevered and climbed all the way to the top, despite the surprising heat in April and the protests of the muscles in my legs.

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